About us
Who we are

The beginning of our company dates back to 1998, when two young people started working in the construction and furniture production industries. Our motto has been included in our company’s name since the beginning: PKP – Pohľad Ktorý Poteší (Slovak for "A Look That Pleases"). Our goal always remains the highest quality of our products and full satisfaction of our customers.

In 2008, the company became a private limited company. In 2011, woodwork became its primary activity. We began a serial production of measuring boards for infants, children and adults. In this work, we were able to make good use of our previous experience with production, precision and quality.

At present, we closely cooperate with other sub-suppliers and producers of semi-finished products. The majority of our products is supplied to the E.U. countries, but we also export to the non-EU countries. Our goal never changed: highest quality products and satisfied customers.