Anthropometric measurement device MB20
Anthropometric measurement
device MB20 up to 129 cm

This type of measuring device is designed to measure infants and children up to 129cm. It can be be used to measure infants lying down (recumbent position) and older children standing. The device is portable and can be used in health clinics, crèches, nursery schools, households, as well as in hard conditions outside.

This device is made of hard wood – beech and birch, which ensures its firmnessand impact-resistance. Thanks to its surface finish by lacquering, the device is easy to clean and moisture-resistant. It is easy to set-up, no tools are required. The measuring scale is in centimetres with minimum graduation of 1mm. Each device is calibrated using certified gauges.

The slide is equipped with a break, which holds the slide in its last position and stops it from moving downwards without control. After pressing the break, the slide moves smoothly in both directions thanks to the bearing wheels system.

The device is delivered with the user's manual and two carrying strap belts for better transportation.

For more technical information please see our Catalogue or Product sheet.

The product code:  MB20
Measuring range: 0–129cm